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Create an Opportunity

*** Note: Please make sure that CONTACTS have already been created before creating OPPORTUNITIES. ***


How to create CONTACTS? Click here!


STEP 1: Log in to your Vintory CRM account

(Drop down menu on the upper left corner of the screen)

  • Choose a partner where you want to create opportunity.

STEP 2: On the Dashboard, click on the OPPORTUNITIES


STEP 3: Click on New                                 

(orange button on the top-right corner of the screen)



STEP 4: Fill in the necessary fields and complete the Contact Info

A. Input and choose a contact on the Contact Name Field

B. Fill in your desired Opportunity Name on the Opportunity Name Field.

    • Best practice is to use a street name so you have a better idea on what property is going through the Pipeline
    • Naming convention is up to the user

C. Under STAGE FIELD choose a STAGE in the Pipeline where your contact will go.

    • Responsive Lead
      • Lead that you’ve had a very good discovery call. 
      • Waiting area for the lead to-be.
      • Doesn’t have automation tied to it, never will.
    • Appointment Booked
    • No Show
    • Negotiation
      • Resting area for leads
      • Lead under the negotiation stage doesn’t get hit with a bunch of automation.
    • On Hold
      • Hot lead but cannot close for a while (buyer, purchaser, in a long term contract)
    • Long Term Nature
      • Lead that is so interested but suddenly becomes unresponsive to any communications
    • Send Contract

D. Status

    • Won
    • Lost 
    • Abandoned

E. Lead Value (Annual gross booking revenue)

F. Owner (Assigned BD Rep)

G. Source (Referral source, Digital Ads, Post Card, etc…)

STEP 5: Click the AVAILABILITY tab.

  • After completing the Contact Info for your OPPORTUNITY, hit ADD and then refresh
  • Look for the column in your pipeline on what STAGE you designated your contact.