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Email Marketing Designer

STEP 1: Log in to your Vintory CRM account

Switch to an Account

(Drop down menu on the upper left corner of the screen)

  • Choose a partner where you want to add the contact/s.

STEP 2: In the sidebar menu, go to Marketing

STEP 3: Go to Email Builder. This is specifically for those marketing style emails.

STEP 4: Click any of the templates. In this example, go to New Property Announcement. You can move all the elements and easily drag them over. Also, you may want to clone the photos, swap and delete.

STEP 5: In Settings, you can put the name, email address and subject line then click Save.

STEP 6: You can send or schedule the email. You can choose a smart list. If you have a specific smart list that you want to send to or you want to send it to only specific contacts, you can go ahead and search for the contact.

STEP 6: Click Review and Send located at the top right side. Make sure that all the information provided are correct then click Send.