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Emails Not Sending

STEP 1: Log in to your Vintory CRM account

Switch to an Account  

(Drop down menu on the upper left corner of the screen)

  • Choose a partner where you want to add the contact/s.

STEP 2: Go to SETTINGS and click SMTP And MailGun Service tab to confirm which service is set as default

If nothing is selected, that location is using whatever is set as the default at the Agency Account level, so switch to your Agency Account and go to the SMTP Service tab and check the default


STEP 3: If you’re sending from Mailgun, go to the MailGun tab and check that your API key is set at the top and in the location setting (make sure there were no extra spaces saved before/after the key)

If your key is missing, log into your Mailgun account and click your account profile image at the top right, then select API keys, where you can then view & copy your private API key

STEP 4: Confirm that you have the sending domain set in the Domain column.

If there’s no domain set, click the pencil icon for that location and select the domain you set up in Mailgun. If there is no domain to select, you have a Mailgun domain issue

STEP 5: To troubleshoot a MailGun domain issue, log into Mailgun and select Sending to view your domains.

STEP 5: If your domain is setup correctly and has a green check, continue troubleshooting by viewing the Logs for that domain and finding the email you tried to send