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FAQs – Direct Mail Campaigns

What is a Smart Send Campaign?

Smart Send Campaign is a list based mailing. A static list is imported into Vintory and merged with a creative design, then mailed to all of the valid recipients within your list. The mailing is automatically tracked from print through delivery, and you can add a pURL and/or QR Code to additionally track online activity.

What do I need to send a Smart Send Campaign?

First, be sure to have a credit card entered on the Payment Method page of your account. You can also purchase Direct Mail Credits ahead of time which can save you money.

Then, you’ll need a Mailing List. Excel or .csv files can be directly imported into Vintory. It’s a good idea to review our document Contact Data Field Lengths & Info for important formatting tips.

If you don’t have a list, that’s no problem at all. We can help you purchase or rent a high quality, targeted direct mail list.

Next, you’ll need your creative design. Vintory makes this easy with three different design options:

  • Use a pre-built template from our template library
  • Create a custom postcard template or letter template directly in the Vintory Editor
  • Upload your design built in another design tool

No matter what method you use, you’ll need to proof your template before it can be used in a campaign.

If you’ll be using a pURL or QR Code on your mailpiece, you’ll want to either purchase a Vanity Domain or set up your own External Domain to host the pURL/QR Code. The Vintory Tracking Code will need to be added to your website or to each of the webpages you’d like to track.

Once these pieces are ready to go, you’ll be able to create your Campaign and our Campaign Wizard will walk you through each step so that nothing is missed.

What is a Triggered Drip Campaign?

Triggered Drip Campaign is set up to ‘listen’ for the Trigger, receive data from your CRM or other automation, and send your mailpiece. This can be one piece, 5 pieces, or 100+ pieces. Whenever the trigger occurs, a mailpiece is sent out.

What do I need to send a Triggered Drip Campaign?

For a Triggered Drip Campaign, you’ll need to have your CRM workflow set up with a ‘Trigger’ that will let Vintory know to send the mailpiece.

You’ll need your creative design. Vintory makes this easy with three different options for your creative design:

  • Use one of our pre-built templates from the template library.
  • Create a custom postcard template or letter template directly in our Editor
  • Upload your design built in another design tool

No matter what method you use, you’ll need to proof your template before it can be used in a campaign.

Next, create your Triggered Drip Campaign within your Vintory account, using one of our Direct Integration options or Webhooks. If you’re using the Zapier Integration, you’ll also need to set up your Zap to communicate between your CRM and Vintory, but creating your Vintory Triggered Drip Campaign will be done first.

A Triggered Drip Campaign is automatically set to ‘Test Mode’ and you’ll want to be sure to test the campaign before it’s toggled to live mode.

You’ll be able to complete your testing without any cost, however, when you’re ready to go live with the Triggered Drip Campaign, Direct Mail Credits are required to run the Campaign. You can buy these through the Campaign Dashboard, or on the account Direct Mail Credits Page. We recommend these be set to auto-renew so there won’t be any issues with running out of credits.

Can I edit the creative in an ongoing Triggered Drip Campaign? 

Yes, you can by following these steps:

  1. Toggle your Triggered Drip Campaign to Test Mode
  2. Edit the Creative Template associated with the Campaign
  3. Proof the template
  4. Toggle your Triggered Drip Campaign back to Live Mode

The next records received through your trigger will use your updated created.

How can I review the final mailpiece?

Once you’ve sent your Campaign, you’ll be able to view and even print off the final mailpiece(s) directly from the Campaign Dashboard. Just click the blue ‘Preview Created Mail’ button in the top right section of the Direct Mail Activity, under the settings. A pop up window will display each piece in the mailing and you can review and/or print from there.

Can I cancel a campaign after it is sent?

Vintory is fully automated and acts very similar to email. A good rule of thumb is that once you hit send, it’s gone. It’s important to be sure your creative has been reviewed and approved and that there are no errors in the Campaign before it is finalized and sent.

There is approximately a 30 minute window in which Vintory can call back a Campaign, however, this must be requested within the allotted time frame and we must have availability to do so.

How long will it take for my mailing to print and deliver?

The estimated time frames for print and delivery are:

First Class Mail 7 to 9 business days (weekends and holidays are not included)

Standard Mail 7 to 14 business days (weekends and holidays are not included)

After hitting the send button, it will take 2 business days to process, print, and deliver to the USPS. There is an 11am EST cut off, so if your Campaign is submitted after that time it will be considered the next business day within the print network.

Once the mailing is delivered to the USPS there are an additional 5 to 7 business days (estimated) for first class mail and up to an additional 12 business days (estimated) for standard mail to be delivered to the mailbox.

How long is my campaign data available?

Campaign data is available in your Campaign Dashboard for 365 days after the last mailpiece was created. After one year the campaign will be archived.

This means that Smart Send Campaign data is available for one year after the campaign is sent and Triggered Drip Campaign data is available for one year after the last mailer was triggered in the campaign.

You can still access archived campaigns to see campaign level delivery and response metrics, such as how many mailers were delivered, returned to sender, pURLs opened, etc, but you’ll no longer be able to view or export the details of the recipients in each of the statuses.