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FAQs – Online Response Tracking: pURLs, QR Codes and Domains

How much extra does it cost for pURLs and/or QR Codes?

There is no additional cost to use pURLs and/or QR Codes through Vintory. Tracking analytics are included on your Campaign Dashboard.

What do I need to set up a pURL or QR Code?

There are two steps to setting up your pURL or QR Code;

Step 1: You’ll need a domain to host your pURL and/or QR Code.

This domain is what the recipient will see and type in if using a pURL. We recommend a vanity domain, which you can purchase through your Vintory account.

You can also configure your own domain. Vintory does not recommend using your primary domain due to the complexities this creates, but if you have another domain not in use, or want to purchase one through another platform, you may.

There is also a free domain offered through Vintory that anyone can use. Because this is free and used by multiple customers you are required to use a unique URL ending with this domain.

Step 2: You’ll need a landing page that has the Vintory Tracking Code installed. This can be your main website and page on your website or even a personalized landing page.

Once your hosting domain is configured and the Vintory Tracking Code is installed and confirmed, you’ll be ready to set up your pURL and/or QR Code in the Campaign Wizard.

Does the QR code work like a pURL?

The QR Code does work just like a pURL, but is scanned with a Smartphone camera rather than typing in the URL. The same setup works for both.

You can choose to use both a pURL and QR Code on your mailpiece to give your recipients a choice, or use only one, depending on your preference.

Can I re-use the same vanity domain for multiple campaigns?

Yes, the same vanity or hosting domain can be used throughout your campaigns, but you’ll want to be sure to use a unique URL ending for each campaign it is used in. This will ensure unique pURLs and the proper tracking of each Campaign. The Vintory Campaign Wizard will let you know if the URL ending has been used before so that you can revise it and keep it unique.

Why would I want to purchase a vanity domain if there is a free domain?

Purchasing a vanity domain allows you to choose the domain name that your mail recipients will see and type in. You can choose a vanity domain name related to your company, such as, and reuse it for all of your campaigns, with a unique URL ending, or you can purchase a new, different vanity domain that relates to each new campaign you send.

The free domain is a generic vanity domain that is not customizable and can be used by any customer of Vintory. If you choose to use the free domain, you’ll be required to use a unique URL ending. The free domain is a good option if you don’t need a company or campaign related domain name in your pURL string, or if you are only using a QR Code on your mailpiece, as it will not be seen by your mail recipients.

How does the tracking work?

When a pURL is typed in or a QR Code is scanned it first hits Vintory. Our system adds a tracking cookie and redirects to your landing page that has the Vintory Tracking Code added into the HTML. That page visit is then recorded onto the Campaign Dashboard.

What pages can be tracked in Vintory?

As long as the Vintory Tracking Code is on the page, it will be tracked. You can add it to just one landing page or to your entire website. We’ll process the data and report it back to you via the Campaign Dashboard.

How do I know my pURL or QR Code is set up correctly?

There are two checks within the Campaign Wizard to ensure one, that the vanity domain is pointed properly and two, that the tracking code has been added to the landing page. If either are not correct, you will receive an error message and will not be able to move on to the final step in the Campaign Wizard.
Once the Campaign has been sent your live pURL/QR Codes will be generated and live. You’re now ready to fully test them out to make sure they are redirecting and updating to the Vintory Dashboard properly.

What is test mode?

Online Tracking Test Mode allows you to test out your live pURLs and/or QR Codes prior to the mailing being delivered. Check out our full help document How To Test Your pURLs and QR Codes for all of the details.