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Get A List Of Delivered Mail Or Returned Mail

One of the great benefits of using Vintory is that it is super easy to get a list of delivered mail or returned mail.* When you create a Smart Send or Triggered Drip campaign in Vintory, each contact that mail is sent to is associated with a specific Intelligent Mail® Barcode for that particular mailer. When the USPS scans the mailpieces as they roll through the delivery process, the scans are captured and updated to your Campaign Dashboard. You can easily access this data at a cumulative or individual level within the dashboard.

*This Vintory feature is not available for Canadian Campaigns.

How To Get A List Of Delivered Or Returned Mail In Vintory

Step 1 – Navigate to your Campaign Dashboard.

From the Home page, click “Campaigns” and then “View Campaigns”

Step 2 – Open Your Campaign Dashboard

Click the 3 dot “action” button next to your mail drop and select “Dashboard”.

Step 3 – Scroll Down To The “Offline Audience” Panel

a.) Under Audience Click “Delivered” or “Returned To Sender”

b.) Click “Filter Results” for an on-screen list

c.) Click “Export Data” for a full list in .CSV format

*Note – if you’re campaign didn’t use First Name/Last Name as the primary identifier, but instead used “Company” for each record, you should make sure you use the Export feature. The Company Column, along with the address data, is included in the .CSV export.

Filter Results For Any Status Code

You can use the filter tool in your campaign to create a list of your recipients based on any Vintory status code. The status code choices include:

Offline Audience – Delivery Information

All Contacts (and their status)

Mail piece created

In Transit

In Local Area

Processed For Delivery



Returned To Sender


Online Audience – Who Visited Your Online Pages (if you used a pURL/QR Code)


Not Opened


Pages – What Pages Your Audience Visited (if you used a pURL/QR Code)



Get A List of Delivered Mail or Returned Mail At Any Time

As long as your Campaign and List are active in Vintory, you can get a list of delivered mail or returned mail. The Intelligent Mail® Barcode scans are pushed from the USPS every few hours, where additional processing takes place in order to associate the scans with your contact records. If you check back every 6-8 hours, you should see refreshed data.

If you’d like to talk about direct mail campaign strategy with us, we’d love to hear from you! The list of delivered mail or returned mail feature can help you get a grasp of the activity in your campaign instantly.