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How to connect Instagram Business account with Social Planner

Note: If you have not converted your Instagram personal profile to a business profile. You need to perform the below mentioned:

  • Make an Instagram profile into a business account
  • Connect an Instagram business account with your Facebook account

STEP 1: Log in to Vintory CRM

Switch to an Account  

(Drop down menu on the upper left corner of the screen)

  • Search for your account in the App

STEP 2: In the sidebar, go to Marketing and click on Social Planner. There will be a wizard with connect option, or after visiting the overview of Social Planner will have a Setting option (gear icon)


STEP 3: After clicking Add account, there will be an option to add the Instagram Business Account

STEP 4: It will ask you to choose Facebook and provide the permissions for Social Planner. Use your Facebook account that has an Instagram Business account connected with it, type in the necessary details, and click on Log In.

STEP 5: Next step is to select Instagram Business Profile(s), you wish to add to Social Planner.

Note: If the Instagram Business Profile is not verified it means that Instagram Business Account is not connected to any Facebook page. This is a requirement from Facebook to post.

STEP 6: You can manage the accounts from the Setting Icon