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How to Import Contacts

STEP 1: Log in to Vintory CRM

STEP 2: On the Dashboard, click on the CONTACTS TAB

  • Choose ‘Contacts / Smart lists


Import Contacts

    • On the Contacts / Smart lists page press, the Import Contacts button on the upper part of your screen to import contacts.

Uploading Contacts

    • Select a file (should be .csv format)

Mapping Fields

    • Field Mapping (Matching fields from your .csv file to Vintory 2.0 contact field)
    • Continue

    • Confirm Mapping
    • Continue


Select Duplicate Strategy

    • Select from the three choices

Update them with the data in the document, but only for fields that are empty (recommended)

Update them with the data in the spreadsheet, including fields that already have a value

Don’t modify them

    • Continue

Start Import

    • Add Tags (This is helpful if you want to put the imported contacts straight to a campaign)