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Landing Page Best Practices

Landing Page Best Practices

Most of the time, the templates that we gave you are already set up for success. We just want to let you know few things that you can do to make sure that you’re optimizing that.


1. At the top navigation buttons, it’s recommended that you definitely link these back to your vacation rental site.

  • It will help you to let your prospects see a little bit more about your business and shop around before they really fill out any sort of forms

2. Have a nice, clear header headline call to action that really let homeowners know exactly what they’re searching for.

  • As your Vacation home works for you, minimizing your stress and maximizing your profit is pretty typical for a vacation rental company. This is a great place to put a tagline. If you have something to say or a catch phrase that’s known along the area, you could put that there as well.


3. Make sure that your form is located on this upper side of the page

  • We always like to have our forms at the very top of the header that gives prospects a good way to reach out to you easily before they go on your landing page.
  • Have a clear call to action in the headline to know why they’re filling out the form

4. Create a replicative of your actual business

  • Make sure that you edit and proofread the templates

5. Put testimonials in the page

  • Testimonials are a big one. If you have any sort owner testimonials, those are really great to put on a landing page

6. At the bottom part of the template, you can see the logo and you can put a catch phrase

7. It’s always nice to have some call to actions or buttons throughout the landing page to let owners actually engage a little bit with your landing page.

  • Scheduling a meeting, calling, emailing and filling out a form are really great ways to generate leads

7. Make sure that you put all of your contact information at the bottom part of the page

  • It’s always nice to have a location and you can always put a picture of your team or your BD rep. It’s always nice again to have that sort of personalization


Additional information for Landing Page best practices…

  • If you go under settings, select SEO metadata. A pop-up will appear at the right side of the screen. You can see that this should be filled in as well
  • This really just helps with your SEO ranking. It’s important that you have your title on the page of your vacation rental company. You can also put a description of what you are doing
  • After putting all the details, click Yes, Save
  • Finally, when you’re good with that, you have to make sure you save and then you’re ready to publish your page