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Making Your Landing Page Live

STEP 1: Log in to your Vintory CRM account

Switch to an Account

(Drop down menu on the upper left corner of the screen)

  • Choose a partner where you want to add the contact/s.

STEP 2: In the sidebar menu, go to Settings

STEP 3: Go to Domains. This is where we’re going to add our specific sub domain – it’s anything that is replacing that “www”

STEP 4: Click the “Add New Domain” button and a pop-up will appear. Then, you’re going to type out how you want this domain to look.

Note: In this example, we’re going to use Google domain

Ignore making an A record as instructed below because we’re only going to do the CNAME. Copy then go to Google domain to locate DNS settings and it will bring you up to some records.

STEP 5: Go to “Manage custom records” and create a new record (adding new CNAME). You’ll have an area where you put your sub domain, whatever type of record you want to do, and then where it’s directing to. Make sure that it’s a screening record and then we’re going to tell it where we want it to point to – by pasting Put the domain or sub domain we want it to point to and you don’t need to put the whole domain. Click Save.

STEP 6: It takes about 24 to 48 hours, depending on where whoever’s hosting your domain for this to go live. Once you are ready to pull the trigger, you’ll go back the app and you’ll select add.

You may get an error message that says that there’s nothing connecting. It’s because that 24 to 48 hours is still pending. 

STEP 7: If it’s done, a pop-up will appear saying that the domain is successfully added. You can select what website you want it to go to then click “Link Domain” and you’re all set.