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QR Codes

Many clients are interested in how to use QR Codes in Vintory direct mail campaigns, as they create an easy way to drive mail recipients online as a way to respond to a call to action.

Technology Changes Make QR Codes Easier To Use

In the most recent updates of smartphone operating systems, native QR Code scanning is available. As a result, mobile phone users no longer need to download 3rd party apps to properly scan QR’s.

This new, native QR Code scanning has driven increased consumer usage of QR’s and corresponding interest from marketers to tap into that usage.

Setup QR Codes To Work With pURLs Or Any URL

Vintory makes it easy to deploy QR Codes that work in 2 different ways. You can either create unique QR Codes that drive recipients to Personalized URLs, or upload a QR Code image that is generated to drive all recipients to the same URL.

#1 – Unique QR Codes That Drive Each Recipient To Their pURL

Vintory has a unique feature that enables the deployment of unique tracking URLs, or Personalized URLs for each recipient of a campaign. When you deploy the free pURL tools in Vintory, it automatically activates the “Online Tracking” features of the Campaign Dashboards.

Since each pURL generated for a direct mail campaign is unique, each QR Code generated for the campaign is unique as well. In order to activate a QR to pURL link for each of your recipients, you just need to drag, drop & size the QR tool in the Vintory Template Editor.

We see many clients add the full pURL URL as well as a corresponding QR Code into their creative. To add the pURL variable, drag & drop the pURL icon the exact same way.

What else do you need to do to automatically print unique QR Codes for each pURL? Just setup your pURLs.

#2 – Print The Same QR Code For All Recipients With A QR Code Image

If you don’t want to use pURLs to track your recipients individually, you can still easily use QR Codes with Vintory. All that you’ll need to do is generate a QR Code image using any number of tools.

Once you’ve created your QR Code (with the online destination embedded in it), you just need to upload it into your Vintory Asset Manager and drop it onto your creative (or do the same thing with offline tools).

When you print the same QR Code for all recipients, you won’t be able to see exactly who responded via Vintory Dashboards, but you’ll still get clients online where you want them!

How To Test QR Codes In Vintory

After you’ve generated your campaign, it is easy to test QR Codes in Vintory by using the “Preview Created Mail” feature in the Campaign Dashboard and the “Online Test Mode” feature (if you’re driving recipients to a pURL).

Time needed: 1 minute.

How To Test Direct Mail QR Codes In Vintory

  1. Go To Your Campaign Dashboard

    Click “View Campaigns” from the top drop down and then click on the chart icon to enter your campaign dashboard.

  2. Turn off online tracking and download one of your mailpieces Click the “online tracking is off” link and “Preview Created Mail” to download a PDF of one of your mailpieces.

  3. Scan the QR Code to test

    Use a phone with a QR scanner to test the QR Code. If your using a pURL, you should get a link to click on to get to your landing page (this is a part of “test mode”).

  4. Go live

    When you’re finished testing, turn on the “online tracking” link.