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SMS & Email Templates – Overview

STEP 1: Log in to your Vintory CRM account

Switch to an Account  

(Drop down menu on the upper left corner of the screen)

  • Choose a partner where you want to add the contact/s.

STEP 2: Go to Email Marketing

STEP 2: Select Templates and click Add Template.

STEP 3: You can select Add Text Template or Add Email Template. You can type in the details in each boxes on how you want to build your campaign. Below are the sample templates:


SMS Template

Email Template

STEP 4: After creating your SMS and Email Templates, go to Automation

STEP 5: Go to Campaigns and select the new created campaigns

STEP 6: Click Edit. Select Pick email template and choose the SMS/Email template you created then click Save.

STEP 7: After adding your SMS/Email Templates in your campaign, make sure to select Published.