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What is a Workflow and Form Submission Automations

What is a Workflow?

A tool that allows you to create actions that trigger other events. In a lot of cases, an action could possibly be a form submission (ex. The event that we want to occur is sending out a homeowner brochure to the person who filled out a form submission). So it’s essentially just rules that we create for other things to happen.


STEP 1: Log in to your Vintory CRM account.

Switch to an Account  

(Drop down menu on the upper left corner of the screen)

  • Choose your account

STEP 2: Go over to Workflows in the left-hand menu.

STEP 3: We’ve created Workflows in your account. You’re going to see forms, notifications, sales, pipeline, appointment, confirmation, and reminder, and missed call text back. Some of you will have different Workflows based on your certain needs, but the main ones that you’re going to get are already on your account.

  • We have different workflows set up for different occasions
    • Forms
    • Notifications
    • Pipelines
      • Ex. If you have moved a certain contact card into the long-term nurture column, they are then going to be triggered or enrolled into a long-term nurture campaign, which is a sequence of four or five emails that we’ll send out to that leap.


Steps on how to create Workflow Forms

STEP 1: In your account, you will have four different Workflow forms. See below for the details. We created these depending on your needs and here are just going to be your regular standard form.

STEP 2: If you select the Form Submission | New Lead, there’s always going to be some main components to a Workflow.

STEP 3: First is always going to be the action that we want to trigger the actual Workflow. In this case, the action is going to be a form submission. You can create Workflows based on just any form submission that you want or specific form submissions. Then, save that action by clicking Save Trigger.


STEP 4: After saving the action, the lead should be created as an opportunity. As soon as someone fills out that form submission, they are going to be created as an opportunity in your pipeline.

STEP 5: After saving the action, you’re supposed to get an email notification.

STEP 6: And it follows with an SMS notification. These are all just letting you know that you have a new lead in your pipeline.

STEP 7: Then we get to what we call the campaign actions. These are external events that are triggered for the actual homeowner. So once your internal stuff has gone, you get your notification. Some external notifications are going to happen or external events.

  • First of, there’s going to be the Call Bridging
    • Call Bridging is where the platform will actually call you as the BD and then you’re going to be patched in with a person who fills out the form submission
  • Then we have these “Wait” areas and these tell you how long until you want the next action to occur
  • After that, you’re going to be sending an automated email to the lead
  • If they don’t respond after that, wait one more day. And you will get an event that essentially says, we want you to actually call them manually