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Workflow Notifications

Before you go through this article, make sure that you have read this article – What is a Workflow and Form Submission Automations.


In this article, we are going to discuss Workflow Notifications.


STEP 1: Log in to your Vintory CRM account.

Switch to an Account  

(Drop down menu on the upper left corner of the screen)

  • Choose your account

STEP 2: Go over to Workflows in the left-hand menu.

STEP 3: We’ve created Workflows in your account. Select Notifications.

  • You’ll see all of these notifications that we’ve created and they are considered workflows.

  • In this example, if you select the Chat Widget Notification, reply channel is the Chat Widget. Everytime a customer replies in the Chat Widget, you are going to receive an internal notification through email and through text message letting you know that someone has replied in the platform through the Chat Widget.


  • Another example would be the Email Response Notification. This time, the customer is replying through email.

  • If you want to change the reply channel, you can click the drop-down and you can take a look at all of the different customer replies workflows that you can possibly create actions for and send you emails and notifications.


  • If we are going to take a look at the Workflows we currently have set up for you, we have the chat widget notification, anytime a task is added, task reminders, text response, anytime a lead is in your pipeline for longer than two or three days, you also get voicemail notifications, open rates and click rates. It just seems like you’re really kind of getting these notifications from the platform, but these are actually all created through Workflows.
  • One thing you should always check if you want to use the Workflows are their status – Published and Draft. When they are in draft, they are not working. None of the events or the actions are going to occur that you have set up. Always make sure that you select Publish and then Save.
  • You can also Test your Workflows to make sure that things are working before you go ahead and publish it with realized people.