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From large national brands to regional buyers ready to make their first market expansion, Vintory’s M&A team are experts in deal negotiations and financial analysis.

Vacation Rental Mergers & Acquisitions

The Vintory M&A team has experience completing vacation rental acquisitions and integrations on behalf of large, national brands, as well as on behalf of regional buyers executing their first market expansion through acquisition. They are experts in deal negotiations and financial analysis. As M&A professionals, Vintory understands the sensitivities of selling a business and treat every client with the utmost confidentiality.
The Vintory M&A team is passionate about the vacation rental industry. With a well-connected network of buyers and sellers, we are passionate about advising company owners on their specific exit strategy and needs — whether that entails selling the business outright or facilitating strategic partnerships with investment partners.
If you have ever thought about selling your business, or are interested in purchasing a vacation rental company, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you. We look forward to learning more about your business and discussing solutions that will work for you.

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Successful Deals

Casago Merges Two Companies

As a result of this Vintory lead transaction, Casago will now manage over 140 properties in Snowshoe, West Virginia, merging together two companies that are well known for their trusted relationships within the community and exceptional guest hospitality. The transaction is a win-win-win for each organization as both Snowshoe Properties Management and Snowshoerealestate.com also achieved the exit strategies they hoped for.

Another Win-Win by Vintory M&A

Successful negotiations during an unprecedented time lead to another successful closed Vintory M&A Deal. Brooke Pfautz, Vintory CEO said, “I’m very proud of our Mergers & Acquisitions Team for another closed deal. Their successful negotiations during an unprecedented time is a remarkable achievement!”

Mergers & Acquisitions​ Team

Dylan Burgess

M&A Consultant

Perri Panella

M&A Consultant

Katie McKnight-Rounsborg

M&A Consultant

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