Vacation Rental Inventory Spawned From Crisis

By Vintory

BEING A CONTRARIAN CAN PAY OFF Making strategic decisions that defy conventional wisdom can often pay huge dividends. Earlier this year, hedge fund manager Bill Ackman believed that the coronavirus pandemic was a massive risk for the United States, its economy, and global financial markets. He was able to invest $27 mm in hedges, which…

How to Get More Contracts Signed This Year

By Vintory

The problem: Even when you are able to get in front of owners, a good percentage of leads end up walking away without coming onboard your rental program. The solution: Vintory! At Vintory, we are laser-focused on helping our partners grow their inventory, both through attracting new leads, and converting those leads into signed contracts.…

7 Essentials of a Successful Landing Page

By Vintory

The term “landing page” is often used to describe any page a web user could land on after clicking a link, but the true definition and most effective use is a standalone page with the sole purpose of driving a user’s specific action. Done well, landing pages pull high quality leads into a sales funnel,…

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