We Help VRM’s Grow Their Inventory

The Star of our Team…
is the TEAM

“None of us is as smart as all of us.”
-Ken Blanchard

Partner Focused

Our partners are why we wake-up and are our top priority.


Integrity is the act of behaving honorably, even when no one is watching.


We believe that sharing knowledge, focusing on facts and truth will lead to more success.


At Vintory the star of the team is the team. We don’t place our own actions above those of others.


We work to remove bias and barriers and have zero tolerance for anything but respect and belonging.


We favor outcomes over hours worked or where you work from.


We trust our team’s values, choices and give them full control over their work. We favor outcomes over hours worked.


We experiment, collaborate and dream big. We’re always looking for ways to improve.

Who We Are

The Vision of Vintory is to accelerate the growth of the vacation rental market to become the preferred place to travel, work, play, dream, rest and invest.

Who We Aspire To Be

The Mission of Vintory is to empower every professional vacation rental manager with the technology, expertise, education and community they need to grow their inventory.

Our Team of Experts

We’ve assembled some of the smartest minds in the vacation rental space to come together for one goal: to help Vacation Rental Managers grow their inventory. From data analysis to creative and marketing, our team has dedicated specialists that have the knowledge to strategically add new homes to your rental program in your specific market. When you partner with Vintory, you gain 40+ team members working to grow your business.


Brooke Pfautz

Founder & CEO

Randy Bonds

Randy Bonds


Paul Anthony


Keith Fimreite

Keith Fimreite


Jackie Self

Controller / CPA

Cydney Sponaugle

HR Director

Micah Jacobson

Executive Assistant

Partner Success Team

Rebecca lombardo

VP Partner Success

Ashley Kraft

Partner Success Manager

JJ King

Partner Success Manager

Kirsten Brink

Partner Success Manager

David Brown

Partner Success Manager

Erin gagne

Partner Success Manager

Chelsea Graue

Partner Success Manager

Lauren Yucker

Partner Success Manager

Crystal DeVall

Partner Success Manager

Ray Morse

Partner Success Manager

Sierra Ragoonanan

Partner Success Coordinator

Adriana Quinliven

Partner Success Coordinator

Brittney Marquez

Partner Success Coordinator

Shannon Corliss

Partner Success Coordinator

Stacy Rosener

Onboarding Project Coordinator

Michelle Beall

Onboarding Project Coordinator

Tristan Webb

Strategic Advisor


Isha Naidu

Data Analyst

Christian knutson

Data Analyst

Scotty Santor

Data Analyst

Marketing and Creative Teams

Rob Holderness

VP Demand Generation

Paul Manzey

Director Digital Marketing

Conrad O’Connell

Digital Marketing

Coel John Castro

Digital Marketing

Chantae Arrington

Graphic Designer

Alicia Thorpe

Graphic Design

David Fettig

Graphic Design

Joe Lackey


Mary Howard


Michelle Pango

Email Coordinator

Juvy Calaunan

Cold Outreach Specialist

Business Development

Brian Riggs

VP Business Development

Christy Conaway

Business Development Rep

Serian Frahm

Business Development Rep

Jade Wolff

Business Development Rep

Kelvin Vaughan

Inventory Growth Advisor

Jake Alexander

Inventory Growth Advisor

Piper Noakes

Marketing Response Rep

Vivian Maglasang

Sales Coordinator

Product & Support

Kristen Dewitt

Product Manager

Michelle DeWeese

SaaS Program Manager

Justice Tilley

Support Specialist

Felice Perez

SaaS Specialist

Dante Dumduma

SaaS Specialist

Jericho Napay

Support Specialist

international expansion

eric bordier

Head of International

Mergers & Acquisitions​

Katie McKnight-Rounsborg

M&A Consultant

Perri Panella

M&A Consultant

Our Culture Code

Team Benefits and Perks

We support our team members professional and personal goals. That’s why we offer top-notch benefits and perks. Check out some of the benefits that have attracted our talented, dedicated and high-energy team members:

Vintory is always looking for exceptional talent within the Vacation Rental Industry.

We favor outcomes over hours worked. We believe in autonomy, transparency, best in class benefits and a really awesome team! Have a question about current opportunities or want to send a CV for consideration? Get in touch:

Please read our Privacy Policy for information regarding the collection of personal information.

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