We are hyper-focused on helping our partners grow their vacation rental inventory and we’re growing at an exciting rate. While it’s our mission to delight our partners, we’re also committed to building an incredible team. We know that an outstanding culture is what will take our company to the next level.

Here’s what drives us and where we are going.



Our team is made up of super-charged people who take initiative and have an energy level that is off the charts! Our team is always buzzing with ideas, innovative approaches and entertaining stories. Most importantly our team members love solving problems and proactively ensure that no question goes unanswered.


We believe in making a difference for our team members and we know that learning, training and education makes a vital impact to career growth. Our team members have a hunger for continuous learning and that’s what we’re serving up!


Building an open and honest team is not only crucial for business success but also for a great working environment. Starting at the top, we are 100% transparent. All of our company’s goals and “rocks” (90 day goals) are visible for the entire team to see. All meeting notes are made public to the entire team so that everyone is in the know.


Passionate employees are the most engaged employees, and we know that most people are passionate about doing what they love, and what comes to them naturally. We’re here to help our team members do what they’re meant to do – and in return, we have some of the most passionate people you’ll meet!


We’re excited about our goals – and we want you to be too! All of our team members are persistent and aren’t afraid to face obstacles. Failure doesn’t set us back, it only fuels our fire for success.


The benefits of being humble extend far across our team. At Vintory the star of the team is the team – we work together, strive for feedback and collaborate constantly. Our team members are kind, respectful and always looking out for others.

Where we’re going

Our proven methods serving our partners have already shown to be successful. By creating SMART goals and building out a savvy strategy – we’re well on our way to exceeding our targets.  

Our mission is to be hyper focused on our partners to help them grow their vacation rental inventory. 

Our vision is to make inventory acquisition as easy as clicking “start,” and watching leads fly in.

We are currently building a software platform that any vacation rental management company can use to grow their inventory. Our platform is backed by the only digital marketing agency solely focused on helping our partners add new homes to their program. Our software is being designed using over a decade of expertise in inventory acquisition. In addition to capturing and nurturing leads automatically, our platform is powered by our digital marketing agency and supported by our Partner Success Managers.

Our benefits and perks

We support our team members professional and personal goals. That’s why we offer top-notch benefits and perks. Check out some of the benefits that have attracted our talented, dedicated and high-energy team members:

> Health insurance

Have peace of mind with the best in class health insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield.


> 401K

Start building up your retirement funds today! We match 401k contributions.


> Profit sharing

Every full time team member is rewarded with our profit sharing program – we win together!


> Fitness memberships

We believe healthy team members make good team members. We’ll pay for your Peleton membership, rock climbing club, yoga passes or regular gym membership!


> Unlimited PTO

Yes – for real! Just make sure you don’t leave a partner hanging.


> Daylighting

Spend 10% of your week on special projects of your choice!


> Free Travel

Yes, free travel! We’ll pay for 2 weeks of lodging per year for each team member. Four Seasons in Vail? A 6 bedroom home in Costa Rica? We’ve got ya


> Phantom equity 

If we ever have an exit each full time employee will receive a bonus from the proceeds of that exit. 


> Learning

Feed your curiosity and sharpen your skills. Access our company Audible account and Amazon Kindle library of books!

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