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Grow Your Inventory Risk Free

Advanced Inventory Growth Secrets

A Graduate-Level Masterclass Featuring 10 New and Cutting-Edge Strategies for Homeowner Acquisition



Brooke Pfautz, CEO, Vintory

Jed Stevens, CEO, Koloa Kai


Go beyond the basics and learn the most advanced and cutting edge inventory growth tactics.  Come learn the secrets that only the top 1% of VRMs are using. From advanced automation strategies and cutting-edge conversion tactics to AI-powered data insights and tech-enabled cold outreach systems, we’ll show you how to easily implement advanced strategies you never thought were possible.

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Watch a pre-recorded version of the presentation, and download multiple supporting documents. Resources are now available! 

Book a demo and get a $50 Amazon Gift Card!

Limited to one per company. Person taking demo needs to be a decision maker. And, of course, you need to show up. 


From Zero to 500 Properties in 5 Years!

Our CEO’s new book on growing your inventory is a two-time best seller on Amazon. Get a digital copy free by smashing the button below. Want a hard copy? Visit the Vintory booth and we can hook you up. 

Happy Hour!

Free Drinks on Monday from 3:15 to 4:40 p.m.

Stop by Vintory’s neck of the wood in the vendor showcase to enjoy free drinks courtesy of Vintory and our Vendor besties. 


Two Chances to Win $500

Many will try, but only one will win. How good is your rock, paper, scissors game?

Monday @ 4 PM

Stop by the Vintory Booth to participate

Tuesday @ 11:30 am

Stop by Brooke and Jed's presentation to participate

928 New Properties in 2022
An All-Star VRM Panel Reveals Their Inventory Growth Secrets

It’s not our presentation, but it’s one you don’t want to miss. Learn inventory growth tactics from some of the fastest growing professional managers in the world. This packed lineup includes leaders from Family Time Vacation Rentals, Cozi Vacation Rentals, Beachball Properties, Southern Comfort Cabin Rentals, Scenic Stays, Mergo Property Management and Casago.  

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